All Cyborg transmissions feature high coefficient heavy duty composite friction plates for enhanced durability. Our 900, 1350 and 1500 models use a heavy duty graphite material. As of mid 2009 our signature Dry Sump units use a proprietary Kevlar material. This Kevlar material has 14% better break away friction capacity than the graphite and is much more forgiving of momentary slippage.

In January 2009 we changed the steel core material on our reverse frictions to improve durability. All our units now have 3 graphite reverse frictions with a hardened steel core for a 50% improvement in reverse capacity.

Our forward clutch hub is made from heat treated billet steel for extreme duty applications. Precision fit and a hardened key prevent spinning on the input shaft. 

A common problem is the breakage of the axles in the planetary. We developed a replacement axle made out of heat treated alloy steel  - this completely eliminates the problem.

Effective January 2012 all our 1350 and 1500 transmissions will have our alloy steel planetary axles.