The Mercury NXT package uses a very compact external gearbox with an ingenious cone clutch arrangement to provide forward/neutral/reverse. However it has proven to be the weak link when upgrades to the 700 engine are performed.

This package is so compact that until now there has been no way to install anything else.

Our new kit allows the installation of our durable and proven Cyborg 1500 without moving the engine.

 And just like the original, in the event service is required the transmission can be removed without pulling the engine. 

 Most boats respond really well to the additional drive setback and our box is designed to keep the drive X dimension at the same height.

· BAM NEXT Tailstock  (close coupled kits)

· special Cyborg 1500

· Transom extension box

· Oil cooler

· Billet linkage kit

· HD & blueprinted drive plate

· Flywheel housing