New SUPER Cyborg planetary gears

BAM Marine is now manufacturing a new improved planetary gear for our Cyborg and Cyborg 2500 LHP transmissions.We are also able to repair broken planetarys to better than new condition using our gears and sollid alloy axels.

Our new gear features a proper raduis in the root of the gear teeth along with shot-peening to military specifications for greatly improved fatigue resistance.

Replacement gear for Velvet Drive LHP


Overhaul & upgrades for Velvet Drive/Mercury 1350 transmission

We are the first to offer an overhaul with upgrades for the new Velvet Drive LHP transmission used on the Mercury 1350/1650 Qv4 engine. Our overhaul/upgrade package includes the following -

  • Increase reverse capacity by %30 - less trouble around docks
  • Reduce parasitic loss by up to 50% - less fuel, more power to the prop!
  • Replace planetary axles - less breakage
  • Reduce internal fluid leakage - better clutch engagement when hot
  • Reduce operating temperature - longer life
  • Additional rear bearing (double) flange support for drive line models - less driveshaft problems
  • NEW - special planetary gears with improved fatigue resistance

These changes result in an overall improvement in performance and reliability - more time on the water for you and less trouble!!!

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The Mercury NXT package uses a very compact external gearbox with an ingenious cone clutch arrangement to provide forward/neutral/reverse. However it has proven to be the weak link when upgrades to the 700 engine are performed.

 “One of the obstacles to retrofitting our proven Cyborg transmission in  existing close-couple installations is the additional length of the new setup; until now this would require remounting the engines”, says Marc Berman, president of BAM Marine.  BAM has created a kit to allow the installation of their transmission without moving anything.  As the world leader in high performance marine transmissions, BAM Marine is excited to offer this new product to their customers.

BAM Marine is a pioneer in marine hi-performance transmissions, supplying thousands of transmissions for over 20 years worldwide.



The addition of the new Velvet Drive LHP transmission to BAM’s product line

This new transmission manufactured by Velvet Drive incorporates and expands upon many of the innovations BAM pioneered.

The all new cast aluminum housing is an inch longer than the current Cyborg and incorporates the dry-sump style reservoir that BAM first developed.  The additional length allowed Velvet Drive to add 5 more friction plates to the forward clutch drum. The rated torque of the resulting 16 disk clutch pack is 2,500 foot pounds, enough to handle today’s engines that exceed the capacity of our existing Cyborg Drysump. This brute is standard equipment on the new Mercury 1350 turbocharged engines.

Until now the increased length of this transmission has prevented it from being a direct replacement for current plug-in set-ups. To solve this problem BAM Marine is now manufacturing its own tail shaft assembly to allow retrofit to these close-coupled installations without moving engines.

Call us at 954 545 8681 for help or further information.

BAM is now keeping these transmissions in-stock, ready to ship.