As the original manufacturer of the Cyborg transmission no one can do a better job upgrading, rebuilding or repairing your transmission.

All transmissions sent in for repair are completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected. The shafts and planetary are checked for straightness and magnafluxed. We use a 2 page checklist that includes measuring dimensions of all components for wear.

Once we have sent you a quote and received your approval your transmission is carefully cleaned and re-assembled to our specifications.

The transmission is then hooked up to our transmission dyno, run up to operating temperature and tested for parasitic drag, fluid flow, pressure, leaks and shift quality. We keep a comprehensive inspection & build sheet on every unit we work on.

Unit is cleaned again to prepare for paint, primed and given 2 coats of catalyzed enamel. Your transmission will look and run brand new when we send it back!